Executive Interview with Len Grey from CPS

Pharmacy Angle sat down with Len Grey from CPS to discuss how to elevate the role of the pharmacist.

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Executive Insights
Jul 16, 2024

Pharmacy Angle meets with John Hamiel, Regional Director of Pharmacy at Mercy Health, to discuss changes he's see in the industry throughout his career and the role of AI in the future of hospital pharmacies.

Executive Insights
Jul 11, 2024

Pharmacy Angle had the opportunity to interview Blake Powers, President at Medigi, discussing hot-button issues and how digitalization can benefit the pharamacy industry.

Executive Insights
Jul 05, 2024

Pharmacy Angle sat down with Louis Kynard, Director of Pharmacy at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, to discuss his experience developing both retail and specialty pharmacy teams, emergency preparedness, and lessons learned throughout his career.