Executive Insights
Jul 16, 2024

Pharmacy Angle meets with John Hamiel, Regional Director of Pharmacy at Mercy Health, to discuss changes he's see in the industry throughout his career and the role of AI in the future of hospital pharmacies.

Jul 11, 2024

Pharmacy Angle had the opportunity to interview Blake Powers, President at Medigi, discussing hot-button issues and how digitalization can benefit the pharamacy industry.

Jul 05, 2024

Pharmacy Angle sat down with Louis Kynard, Director of Pharmacy at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, to discuss his experience developing both retail and specialty pharmacy teams, emergency preparedness, and lessons learned throughout his career. 

Jun 25, 2024

Pharmacy Angle had the opportunity to discuss beneficial partnerships with Robert DiGregorio, Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, and Allison Arant, Senior Vice President, Client Development & Market at Clearway Health.

Jun 18, 2024

Pharmacy Angle meets with Julia West, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, for an in-depth discussion on automation within health system pharmacies.

Jun 11, 2024

Pharmacy Angle had the opportunity to sit down with Valerie Bandy, Senior Director of Pharmacy Solutions for Tecsys to get her perspective on the progression of the industry, selection of professional partnerships, and optimistic trends in pharmacy. 

Jun 04, 2024

As the Senior Director of Pharmacy System Innovations at Carilion Clinic, industry veteran Bill Lee is a part of health system which is the largest IDN in Southwest Virginia, in the heart of deep Appalachia. Carilion has approximately 1200 beds, seven hospitals and 240 clinics in total.  

During Pharmacy Angle's 10-minute conversation with Mr. Lee, we discussed his ability to win a Federal grant which saved his facility nearly $20M. Further, Bill expands on how he's seen leadership and culture in the hospital pharmacy space change and the tasks he's been asked to tackle including expanding into a system, developing a 340B, and much more! 

May 28, 2024

Pharmacy Angle sat down with Len Grey from CPS to discuss how to elevate the role of the pharmacist.

May 14, 2024

Pharmacy Angle meets with Sarah Newberry, Assistant Director of Pharmacy Services at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, to discuss her experience and insights on the pharmacy profession from within a community owned facility.

May 07, 2024

Pharmacy Angle meets with Valerie Hoffman, Senior Marketing Manager at Long Grove Pharmaceuticals, to discuss her career move from hospital pharmacist to working at a pharmaceutical company.