Executive Interview with Jon Albrecht, Methodist Health System

Pharmacy Angle had the opportunity to sit down with Jon Albrecht, Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer for Methodist Health System while at the Health Connect Partner's Pharmacy Conference in Indianapolis to get his thoughts on challenges and trends across the industry. 

Jon, based in Dallas, Texas, is responsible for thirteen hospitals, two retail pharmacies, about thirty to thirty five, clinics...all told about seventeen hundred beds. On the way to the top of his profession, Jon has seen what beinga pharmacy leader means and requires while also witnessing the roller coast that is manpower and staffing. Jon talks about the changes that are necessary to recruit pharmacy technicians in today's work force, drug shortages, and much more. 


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Apr 03, 2024

Pharmacy Angle had the pleasure of visiting with Christina Cao who serves as a member of the Health Connect Partners Educational Advisory Board. At the time of the interview, Christina was the Area Pharmacy Manager for Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital but has since taken a position as Senior Corporate Director of Pharmacy with CPS.

This is a MUST WATCH video as Christina shares her personal journey from being born in Vietnam to coming to the United States, to her families personal struggles, to why she wanted to work in healthcare.