340B Overview: Best Purchasing Practices for Compliance & Benefit

Shawn Wood, MBA, CPHT, 340B ACE, is Director of System 340B Oversight and Compliance for Beth Israel Lahey Health (BILH), overseeing hospitals’ onsite 340B Program or split-billing, 340B advocacy and overall 340B Program compliance. BILH’s 340B program is a large program with significant regulatory, compliance, financial, IS, and workflow complexities that supports its financial health, which he supports.

Shawn has 14 years of experience in the 340B Program and more than 20 years in hospital pharmacy settings. His career began as a pharmacy technician, then pharmacy supply chain and then moved to administering the 340B Program. His 340B expertise spans hospital based and contract pharmacy programs, pharmacy supply chain and includes, a Pharmacy Technician Certification, an advanced certification for 340B or ACE, a Bachelors in Healthcare Management from Cambridge College and an MBA from UMass-Boston. He has also spoken nationally at the 340B Conference on best practice and, twice locally at Massachusetts Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) on the expanding role of Pharmacy Technicians and the 340B Program. Most recently he received from MSHP the
Technician of the Year Award for his work on Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s 340B Program.

Shawn Wood Overview of "The 340B Program; Overview to Best Practices" Presentation at HCP Rx Buyer's Conference in Summer 2023
Shawn Wood Overview of "The 340B Program; Overview to Best Practices" Presentation at HCP Rx Buyer's Conference in Summer 2023


• Recognize the basics of the 340B Program and identify compliance requirements
• Explain potential workflow issues related to the 340B Program and mitigation strategies
• Summarize purchasing strategies to optimize the 340B Program
• Identify the resources available to support the 340B Program

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