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Sterile Compounding Versus Outsourcing Premixed Solutions
Making Informed Decisions
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Long Grove Pharmaceuticals, an experienced and innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in complex generics and proprietary 505(b)(2)s, leverages its heritage of success through in-house research and development from parent company Capstone Development Services. Long Grove distinguishes itself in the generic pharmaceutical market with innovative approaches encompassing People, Products, and Processes. This includes in-house R&D for differentiated generics supported by Capstone, dedicated supply chains to introduce new supply to the U.S. market, and a seasoned leadership team fostering collaborative partnerships with customers and suppliers. Differentiated generics are delivered through proprietary products developed via the 505(b)(2) pathway, aided by rapid approvals and process efficiencies. Supply chain continuity and reliable partnerships further reinforce Long Grove's commitment to providing novel solutions to the healthcare sector.